Audrey Hebbert's Black Pepper Corn with Basil


ABOUT AUDREY HEBBERT: A few months ago Audrey Hebbert was a writer, a grandmother, author of books she'd written... Audrey is still a grandmother, but NOW she's a great-grandmother-in-the making! (Wait till September 11th-ish).And retired. She's also happy and excited about life. Ask her about her excitment about life...  You will not believe a woman can live to be seventy-five, and start to learn so many new things.

Audrey prepared her first meal at age four. Mom was away from home, Dad hadn't finished his ranch chores, and Audrey had been taught to step in and help whenever help was needed. Audrey made her first cake (from scratch because that's all they had) at age eight. She stood on a small stool and added ingredients as Mom called them out as she prepared other food for the meal. Everything was hand-stirred because electricity had not yet been wired into the ranch home.

Seventeen years later Audrey graduated with a B.S. degree at Taylor University. Her specialty? home economics. She included enough minor subjects to qualify her to teach secondary English for eight years. She already held a degree in Bible. She added a Masters Degree in 1983.

Audrey raised a family --an adopted son and daughter, and enjoyed being grandma for three grandchildren. Now Audrey's excited about the baby girl due to arrive in a few weeks. Audrey and her daughter have plans to visit Baby (no name yet)in November 2012.

Audrey pays little attention to her Facebook page, so she will tell you, "Expect me to live a long time, and give God praise and glory. I'll cook a little along the way. Or design a kitchen--You know. She still operates on the lifetime habit  she was taught before she was four years old." Friend Audrey on Facebook HERE.  

Audrey's cholesterol-free BLACK PEPPER CORN WITH BASIL RECIPE:

STEP ONE: Remove both ends of each piece of corn. Don't remove the husks.

STEP TWO: Bring the corn to a state of doneness by whatever method you prefer.  In other words, cook it. I prefer Microwave for this step. Check for doneness using your mother's favorite method, about three minutes. Or your own. Set aside.

STEP THREE: Remove husks. Pour a thin (1/4 inch) layer of olive oil into a narrow pan that fits two to three pieces of corn. I usually prepare two to three pieces because I live alone. Add basil to taste and black pepper, along with salt and other herbs. Roll each ear of corn in the elixir from time to time from 0-24 hours.

When corn is marinated, cook it in the microwave or grill. Eat immediately. Rejoice in your state of good health.

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