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Carol Cox's Summer Chicken Salsa

CAROL COX is the author of 30 novels and novellas. A third-generation Arizonan, Carol has a lifelong fascination with the Old West and hopes to make it live again in the hearts of her readers. She makes her home in northern Arizona, where the deer and the antelope really do play—often within view of the family’s front porch.

To learn more about Carol and her books, visit her website at:

Carol's Latest Book Release: Trouble in Store
Fired from her most recent governess position, Melanie Ross must embrace her last resort: the Arizona mercantile she inherited from her cousin. But Caleb Nelson is positive he inherited the mercantile, and he’s not about to let an obstinate woman with newfangled ideas ruin all he’s worked for. In hope of turning her interest elsewhere, he determines to get Melanie married off, and luckily, there are many single men in town quite willing to take her off his hands.

The problem is, Caleb soon realizes he doesn’t want her to marry any of them. He’s drawn to her more every day, and he has to admit some of her ideas for the store offer unexpectedly positive results.

But someone doesn’t want the mercantile to succeed, and threatening words have escalated into destruction and danger. Will Melanie and Caleb’s business—and budding romance—survive the trouble that’s about to come their way?

Carol Cox's Recipe for Summer Chicken Salsa
When it comes to food, I’m all for keeping it simple—especially when a deadline is bearing down on me.  My daughter came up with her own version of chicken salad last summer, and I loved it so much, I wanted to share it with you. The cool combination of tastes and textures is perfect for a hot summer day!

1 - 13 oz. can chicken breast, drained and shredded
4-5 apples, peeled, cored, and chopped
5 hard-boiled eggs, diced
½ cup dried cranberries
1 1/3 cup mayonnaise (adjust to taste)

Blend chicken, apples, eggs, and cranberries in large bowl. Fold in mayonnaise and blend well. Chill before serving. And that’s all there is to it! Simple, right? If you’d like to add or substitute ingredients, you might try: thinly sliced baby carrots, dried cherries, sunflower seeds or halved grapes.


  1. Thanks so much for letting me visit again, Deborah! This is one of my favorite recipe sites!

    1. Thanks for joining us Carol. Your salsa recipe looks so delish. Looking forward to trying it...and to reading your newest release! Looks like a winner.