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Anne Green's Death by Chocolate Truffle

Anne is an award-winning author of historical romance, historical, and suspense novels. Check her webpage for her most recent releases in both print and ebook format. Learn more about Anne and her writing HERE. 

Anne's Latest Book Release: Marriage by Arrangement

A MARRIAGE COVENANT - Why does a handsome, powerful noble of the highest rank in England stoop to marry a mere Lady of Lowland Scotland?

A GREAT SECRET - Are the whispered stories about him true? With his shadowy past and strange behavior, what awful secret does he hide? Each change of clothes transforms him into a different man. 

AN IMPOSSIBLE CHOICE - Can Lady Cailin keep her vow to make her marriage happy and successful, unlike that of her parents, or must she arrange for the Duke's accidental death? Order Anne's book HERE.


Box of Brownie Mix
2 Boxes Chocolate Mousse
Medium Container Cool Whip
1 Bag Heath Bar Bits

Bake Brownies and cool. Crumble half of the brownies into bottom of truffle bowl. Layer in half the chocolate mousse. Layer in half the heath bar pieces. (Save some for the top). Layer in all three ingredients a second time. Layer Cool Whip on top. Sprinkle top with remainder of heath bar bits. Refrigerate. Can serve soon, but dessert can be kept at least two more days. ENJOY.


  1. Thanks for having me here to visit with your readers, Deborah.

    1. You are most welcome, Anne. Thanks for joining us as a Featured Author. Your recipe sounds delicious!