Rose Allen McCauley's Mofongo

Rose McCauley loves to travel and recently returned from a trip to Puerto Rico to check out the sites and activities she had written about in her latest book, Surrender to Peace. When she planned the trip, she had no idea she would get to make the Mofongo recipe she wrote about. 

One of the tourist attractions her character went on in the book was the Flavors of San Juan Walking Tour. Rose and her husband met the guide and the other eight people in their group in front of Carli CafĂ© Concierto which was another place her characters ate. Rose didn’t get to eat there because it wasn’t open yet, but she did get to take a picture of the place to help her describe the romantic ambience.

The Flavors of San Juan tour was like a progressive dinner where you eat a dish at each of seven restaurants. At one stop they got to make Mofongo which is the recipe below and also took a picture of her and her husband with the deep dish and pestle they used to mix all the ingredients together.

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Rose’s Latest Book, Surrender to Peace

In Surrender to Peace, Joy Worth runs away to Puerto Rico with a broken engagement, broken heart, and questions for the Lord. Can Forest Ranger Benigno Cook earn her trust and love while helping her learn to hear God’s still, quiet voice again?

Rose’s Recipe for Mofongo

Mofongo is made several ways, so I will tell you a couple here, but it is open to substitutes, so feel free to use or add other foods you like, too.

4 green plantains, peeled and cut into rounds
4 tablespoons olive oil, divided
3-4 cloves garlic,
 minced, to taste
1 cup pork cracklings, shredded pork, or other meat like chicken or seafood
Salt -- to taste

Soak the plantain in salted water for 10-15 minutes, then drain and sauté
 plantain slices in 3 T medium hot oil for 10-12 minutes (done, but not crispy)

In food processor or with potato masher or mortar and pestle (the authentic way!) mash the plantains with the garlic, salt, and 1 T oil until smooth, then stir in whatever meat you choose.

Next, form this mixture into balls by hand (several small or 2-4 large ones) and serve warm, or serve the balls with some kind of stew ladled over the top. I even read one recipe that suggested deep-frying the balls before serving, but I will leave that up to you and your judgment.

Hope you enjoy this authentic Puerto Rican dish!


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