Gail Kittleson's Homemade Noodles

Heroines that Dare to Bloom parallels Gail Kittleson’s long journey to blooming as a writer. She taught college expository writing and facilitates writing workshops and women’s retreats.

WhiteFire Publishing released her memoir, Catching Up With Daylight in 2013, and her debut women’s historical fiction, In This Together (Wild Rose Press/Vintage Imprint) released in November 2015. She also contributed to the Little Cab Press 2015 Christmas Anthology. Please feel free to contact Gail—meeting new reading friends is the meringue on her pie, as Dottie would say!

Gail Latest Release: In This Together

After losing her only son to World War II and her husband soon after, Dottie Kyle takes a job at a local boarding house. Her daughter Cora moved to California straight out of high school to work for the war effort, married a sailor and settled down in the Golden State—another loss.

Dottie contributes to her rural Iowa post-war world by cooking and cleaning, volunteering at her church, and tending her garden. But when troubles arise in Cora’s third pregnancy, Dottie longs to help Cora and meet those two grandbabies out in California. However, old fears prohibit her from making that arduous, cross-country train journey.

At the boarding house, complications arise that force Dottie to speak up for what’s right, and as her confidence grows, so does the unexpected interest of the widower next door. Nary a reason to blush here, but plenty of opportunity to cheer Dottie on to victory! Purchase the book HERE.

Gail's (Dottie’s) Homemade Noodles

2 cups flour
4 eggs, beaten
large pinch of salt
2-4 tablespoons water

Pour flour in a medium sized bowl. Stir in eggs, a hefty pinch of salt, and 2-4 tablespoons water to form soft dough. Knead by hand and divide into two 6-inch mounds. Let rest a couple of minutes before rolling out on floured board about 1/8 inch (or less) thick. The thinner the better, and the more noodles you’ll create. When noodles have dried (a few hours for each side), cut into long strings and drop into boiling beef or chicken broth. Boil for ten to fifteen minutes or until tender.

The boarders like these noodles best with a big roast beef or whole stewing chicken cooked in broth for Sunday dinner. Of course, serve this tasty dish over boiled potatoes slathered with butter. Dottie’s heard of some folks adding a pinch of baking powder to the original mixture, but thinks this step unnecessary. 
Feeds 6-8

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  1. Gail is an awesome writer. Many blessing for her continued success.