Camping Menu Ideas


Summer is a favorite time for our family to go camping in the mountains. We pack up our large canvas tent, sleeping bags, propane cook stove--and other items galore and head for the Rockies. Here are a few of our favorite recipes when cooking in the wild. 

Happy Camping! 

Part of my Camp Kitchen. 

We usually eat a large breakfast when camping and then munch on snacks for lunch when we do our hiking. Here are a few breakfast Ideas: 

Cornmeal Pancakes with eggs, bacon, and juice

or French Toast with sausage links, and juice

For lunch, we'll pack a few items in our backpacks like applesauce and carrots 

After a long day of hiking or sight-seeing, I like to return to camp for an easy, one-pot meal--usually soup served with leftover biscuits, cornbread, or crackers. Unlike Kansas, it's nice and cool in the mountains, so soup tastes pretty good. Here are a few ideas:

Country Potato Soup with crackers

And for dessert, get out the Coleman Oven. And just so you don't think I'm an over-achiever as a camp cook, here is a little secret: I use canned apple pie filling and also prepare the cookie dough at home and refrigerate it in a large butter container. Then when it's time for a little snack after supper, we'll slice off a handful of cookies and place them in the propane oven. Easy-peasy and oh so good!