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Featured Author Carmela Martino's Bread Machine Panettone

Carmela Martino ( is an author, speaker, and writing teacher. She wrote the middle-grade novel, Rosa, Sola (Candlewick Press), while working on her MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults at Vermont College. The novel was a Booklist "Top Ten First Novel for Youth" and received a Catholic Press Association Book Award in the "Children's Books" category. Her second novel, the young-adult historical romance Playing by Heart (Vinspire Publishing), took first place in the Young Adult category of the 2013 Windy City RWA Four Seasons Romance Writing Contest. Carmela's credits for teens and tweens also include short stories and poems in magazines and anthologies. Her articles for adults have appeared in such publications as the Chicago Tribune, Catholic Parent, and multiple editions of the Children's Writer's and Illustrator's Market. Carmela has taught writing workshops for children and adults since 1998, and she blogs about teaching and writing at  

Carmela's Latest Book Release: Playing by Heart

Emilia Salvini dreams of marrying a man who loves music as she does. But in 18th-century Milan, being the “second sister” means she'll likely be sent to a convent instead. Emilia's only hope is to prove her musical talents crucial to her father's quest for nobility. First, though, she must win over her music tutor, who disdains her simply for being a girl. Too late, Emilia realizes that her success could threaten not only her dreams for her future but her sister's very life.

The novel was inspired by two amazing sisters who were far ahead of their time, one a mathematician and the other a composer. At its core, Playing by Heart is the story of two teens struggling to follow their true calling, even when it conflicts with their father's goals. It's a clean historical romance appropriate for ages 12 and up. See the publisher’s website for the book’s buy links:

Carmela's Bread Machine Panettone
Panettone is an Italian fruit bread said to have originated in Milan, where my novel Playing by Heart is set. The bread is briefly mentioned in the novel when Mamma offers it to her two eldest daughters. Panettone is traditionally served only at Christmastime. The original recipe I had called for candied fruit in addition to the raisins, but since no one in our house likes candied fruit, we eliminated that. Panettone is also known for being a tall, often mushroomed-shaped loaf. When I was a girl, my mother baked it in a 3-pound coffee can she’d washed and saved just for this purpose. I adapted her recipe as follows for use in a bread machine. Note: this recipe makes a large loaf and requires a machine with a 2-pound loaf capacity.
1 cup milk, lukewarm
¾ teaspoon vanilla extract
¾ teaspoon lemon extract
1 whole large egg
2 large egg yolks
2 tablespoon butter
¼ cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt
3 ½ cups bread flour
2 teaspoon yeast
½ cup raisins
¼ cup golden raisins

Place all ingredients except the raisins in the bread machine in the order specified for your machine. Combine raisins and coat with 1 tablespoon flour, then shake off excess. Use the machine’s raisin bread cycle, adding the raisins according to manufacturer instructions. If your machine has a crust setting, use the “light crust” option.